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Steam Jacketed Kettles

Steam jacketed kettles are constructed of two stainless steel bowls sealed one within the other, with almost 2" of space between them for the introduction of steam. The amount of steam surface between the bowls is referred to as jacketing and models from half-jacketed to full jacketed are available. The operation of steam-jacketed kettles utilizes steam, which is condensed back to water in the jacket to provide the heat for the inner kettle. A condensate line is provided to remove the water that accumulates. The amount of heat input is dependent upon the pressure and amount of steam allowed to enter the jacketed area. There is a pressure gauge to indicate the pressure. In case of excess pressure is let into the jacket, there is a pressure /air release valve to reduce the pressure. These kettles are used to cook rice, dhal, boil milk, and cook vegetables. They are available in 50, 100, 200 and 300 lit capacities.

Capacity - 80 Ltrs.

Double walled glass wool Insulated all S.S-304 Sheet body. The outer Most is of 18swg S.S - 304 Sheet body. Fitted with heavy duty high pressure burner with pilot lamp & individual control valves. Fitted with water inlet & water outlet valve & strainer at the bottom level of the boiler also fitted with a Top opening lid with insulated handle. The entire boiler is mounted on heavy duty tubular legs. Also fitted with a heavy duty tilting gear to extract the boiled food.

Brazing Pan (Tilting)

Capacity - 80 Ltrs.
Double walled mineral wool insulated all S.S - 304sheet body on heavy duty tubular legs with adjustable bullet feet. Fitted with heavy duty burner with pilot lamp with individual control needle valve. Fitted with tilting gear to extract contents after cooking & water inlet valve. Also fitted with top opening lid with insulated handle.

Bratt Pan (Tilting frying pan)

The brat pan is one of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment. Its design is such that it can be used to boil, simmer, grill, saute, fry and curries. For some items like Indian gravies, sambar, foogath can be done in the tilting frying pan with some savings in time that would normally be spent transferring foods and cleaning other utensils. Brat pan may be free standing; walls mounted, counter mounted and are available in gas and electricity model. There are models which are ignited by electricity and working on gas. The brat pan is tilted by a worm and gear assembly operated by hand wheel. They are tailor-made to difference capacities of 50 litters to 300 litters.

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