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Dosa Plate

The dosa plates are similar to the griddles which have hot plates specially designed to prepare dosas. The plate is thick machine polished, mild steel with even heat distribution for optimum use.
The M.S.plate rests on stainless steel frame, and it has S., front and a specially placed oil spillage trough. The splash back on all three sides of the dosa plate to avoid splash of oil or batter. For uniform heat distribution a “V" shaped burner is placed. This unit is available in electric/gas. It is custom-built size to prepare a minimum 2-3 dosas to 8-10 dosas at a time.

Size : 50" x 30" x 27" + 6" mm
• The unit will be open frame structure with under shelf (20 SWG).
• Under shelf 6" above ground level.
• Stainless panel of 12" width shall be provided on all sides with loovers.
• A splash back 150 mm will be provided.
• The Dosa plate will be a one-piece machine polished 5/8" thick plate.
• 3 nos of V" burners are being used.
• Individual pilots and control valves will be provided.
• Spillage/drip tray will be provided in S. S. Adjustable nylon bullet feet.

Chapatti Plate cum puffer

Size : 1500 x 600 x 850
Structure made of mild steel angle frame duly rust proof painted . Top of 12 mm mild steel, front Panel and under shelf 18swg S.S-304sheet, vertical legs of S.S-304 round pipe of 16swg. 1.5" diameter with nylon adjustable feet. Complete with CI perforated grill for puffing of chapattis, heavy duty high pressure RV burner pilot, individual control valves Indian Oil corporation approved.

Deep Fat Fryers

Deep fat fryers are available in a variety of types, capacities and degree of automatic operation desired. The productive capacity of a fryer is related to the litres of fat in the fryers, the heat input, and the cooking time required for various foods. Typical designs of fryers are based on a fat-to-food ratio 6:1. This indicates that each kg. of food to be fried requires 6 lits. of oil (or) fat in the deep fat fryer. Conventional fryers are tailor made to the requirement of the client to various capacity, 1/2 lit, 1 lit. 3, 5, 7 and so on.
Pressure fryers make another category of deep fryers they are sealed to permit steam pressure to build up between the lid and the fat surface. The steam is generated from the foods fried or by water injectors. The pressure fryer reduces the loss of moisture from foods. Heat transfer in a pressure fryer is greater than a conventional fryer and consequently the cooking time is shorter. The food is brown outside, moist and juicy on the inside.

Potato Peeler

Capacity- 10 Kg/charge
The heavy duty peeling drum is made of 18 swg. SS sheet on three nos tiny legs with adjustable bullet feet and a rotating disc of SS sheet being connected with heavy duty motor of S1 type of IS : 325 standard, single / three phase and of Kirloskar / NGEF / Siemens / ABB / GEC / Crompton make. Also pasted with emery granules inside the drum and on rotating disc to peel and fitted with water inlet valve and aluminum casting/SS sheet our pour to extract peeled potatoes.


With asynchronous Single phase, heavy duty and quiet motor.Stainless steel bowl and filter grid rubber. Aluminium casting and stainless steel construction bowl sustainer. Multipurpose combi machine; drink mixer, citrous juicer, and blender. Separate motors for each function.

Milk boiler

Capacity - 50 Ltrs.
Triple walled mineral wool insulated all SS sheet body on SS legs with adjustable bullet feet. The outer most wall and the secnd wall is mineral wool insulated and the other wall water proof and fitted with water inlet, outlet, over flow valves and water level indicator. Also fitted with 3.0 kw immersion type heating element with auto temperature controller and indicating lamps and a heavy duty gun metal faucet. A top opening lid with insulated handle is fitted. Also fitted with two nos, insulated handles on either sides to carry.

Vegetables Processor

SIZE : Indigenous or imported Make
CONSTRUCTION : Aluminum casting with minimum five blades for Cutting,vSlicing, Dicing and Chopping. The same will operate on a 0.5 HP motor.

Plate Warmer

CONSTRUCTION : Equipment to be fitted in civil work of Indulge brand or similar, with model no DR - 1 it is an insert model with a Dia of 405mm and height is 725mm with power of 0.5 KW.

Soup Tourine

CONSTRUCTION : Black iron electric soup pot, 360-Dia X 360-Ht, Power 600W,with lid & spoon.

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